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Lady Tamara:

Once upon a time on a chilly October night my Mom, some wonderful friends and I ventured to Surrey to meet a Godess like no other, a Godess known as HERSELF!!!

We arrived in her kingdom known as Surrey Place Mall, a strange name for such a powerful fortress but we ventured in none the less. Once we arrived to her cloud, her keeper told us that earlier that day she had been captured and swallowed by the Demon known as Bad Weather! GASP!! After we travelled all this way! We had a brave believer among us who was willing to sacrifice her own body to save Herself. "What if I PRETEND to be herself and sign the sacred scrolls, maybe then Bad Weather will mistake me and release Herself to you all!!" What a brave soul! But alas, it didn't work! The demon Bad Weather had teamed up with the ever clever Delay and was not to be fooled!

So we trecked the everlong miles to our rejuvenation cave. The Headmaster opened the door. "Ah, never fear my children, I have much in store for you. Be merry!" The Headmasted lifter our spirits, butterflies danced above our heads, while birds sang in the night.

We exchanged tales of former encounters with demons, how we meet them and the ones we tamed. Smiles found ways into our hearts, the cheese was good and we began to bond and join forces. But the Headmaster was wise, she and her sidekicks sent for greater help. "The Kilted Wonder will surely bring joy and salivation to our hearts which have suffered loss this day! Only then can we gain the strength and power to save Herself!"

But little did we know, our power, hope and belief was stronger than we thought. As the door knocked and the Headmaster's sidekick arose to get it I only entertained thoughts of it being The Kilted Wonder, but to my surprise Herself was standing before us!! Free of Bad Weather and Delay!

Before we had even a moment to hear the tales of her escape the secret knock was heard at the door! Low and behold! The Kilted Wonder had arrived with good tidings! We were enchanted by his methods, yes, it was working, I felt the power overtake my soul. As wise and all-encompassing as the Kilted Wonder was, it was good to know that we brought Herself and Joy to us on our own. It was then that I realized we all possessed the strength within us to become Jedi Knights.

Once the Kilted Wonder left we met more closely with Herself to discuss future plans to battle such demons as Curiosity, Time and Awe. Once the night had ended and Herself was safe in the Mighty Pillow we all possesed the knowledge that only greatness knows, but was passed on to us this fine day!

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