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Lady Faith:

Well, Thursday night started out with me and my cousin arriving a little later than I had expected at the Surrey Place mall. Neither of us had been there in the last little while, so the next ten minutes were spent searching for the Black Bond book store. After thoroughly searching the lower level, we finally decided to try upstairs, and when we find the bookstore there is a message there that Diana wasn't coming *sob!*

Oh! I felt my heart drop to my stomach - I had been so excited about meeting her that I was shaking the whole way into Surrey. And so after being incredibly bummed for a full 3 minutes, I decided that I wasn't going to let mechanical problems wreck my evening, and we headed off to the Surrey Sheridan Hotel.

We walked into the lobby of one of the fanciest hotels I had every been to (outside of the DisneyLand hotel), and I immediately felt SO much better. Up to Hope's room, where we were greeted at the door by Kim, and the night was begun! My cousin took off after peeking in to make sure that I wasn't meeting a gang of serial killers, and after a few minutes of introductions and cute little gifts, all the awkwardness melted away and I felt as at home as I do on the LoL board.

We spent most of the night talking, and just getting to know one another outside of a cyber-setting. There was good food, good wine, good company, and at about 20 to 12 (I don't really remember the time) there was a knock at the door. I remember a fluttering of "Maybe it's Diana" going around through everyone, and that's exactly who it was! I was so excited!! I rushed right in to call my cousin and have her bring my book so that I could get Diana to sign it. I vaguely heard another knock at the door, and then music starting and a flash of tartan go by the doorway. I leaned across the bed I was sitting on, trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on, and missed half of what my poor tired cousin was saying *g*

After I got off the phone, I timidly wandered out to the mainroom again, peeked around the corner and whom should I find dancing his heinie off? KILTBOY! I stood there a little dumbfounded for a few minutes and then thought, 'I should be taking pictures!' I snuck across the room and that's exactly what I did! *g*

Boy, you'd be amazed how little tartan underpants can get! After he finished dancing, kiltboy sat down with us for a few minutes, and talked to Hope and Diana, and me a little bit. My cousin arrived not too long after that, and was very tired, so I got DG to sign my book, and then I had to bid farewell to all my hoser friends and go and TRY to get a little bit of sleep (which didn't work too well as I was completely wired!).

The next day I didn't do much of anything, but then on Saturday, I had a little bit of shopping to do, so I went down to the Willowbrook mall. After I had finished most of my shopping, and was on my way home, I decided that I wanted to stop in at Chapters (I didn't have any more money, but to me Chapters feels just like DisneyLand, and I just have to visit as often as can), and who should I find doing a booksigning???

I wanted to say hi to Diana, but I didn't want to interrupt any of the people who were waiting for her signature, so after she finished talking to the crowd and answering questions, I just waited patiently for a break in the line (which didn't come for quite a while *g*)

Finally, I got to say hi, and she didn't even recognize me until I mentioned the party.

I got there just in time to hear her tell the audience about the party and kiltboy, and it was really great to hear that she had had such a good time.

Well, that's my version of the Surrey Gathering - I had a great time, and if it is earthly possible, I will be back next year!

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