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Lady Kate:

Deception & Lies by Lady Kate

It had been a very long week for me. I had been stuck at home with two children suffering from strep throat. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. How was I going to keep my eyes open on the drive up to Hope’s? Somehow I made the hour drive and stayed awake. Hope was great. She was so excited she got me jazzed too. I was about to meet a group of crazy women, a famous author and a kilted hero!

By the time we reached the border I WAS READY!

Even though I was a veteran Outlander fan I didn't know quite what to expect. I was very worrit that I would be thrown into some strange cult initiation rite or I would have to take a blood vow perhaps! I really was just there to support my friend Hope's crazy addiction and make sure she didn't get into any trouble. :)

Actually I was surprised at how "normal" everyone was, at least at first glance! It was under the gaze of the video camera that their true personalities began to come through. I had the pleasure of capturing on tape some of the sweetest (and incriminating) moments of these ladies' lives. No Lorri, I turned the tape off for your story!

Early in the evening we heard the disappointing news that Herself was delayed in leaving Arizona and would most likely not be arriving until the next day. Hope was a trooper. She admitted that it wasn’t really Diana that she was excited to meet . . . Her special someone would be arriving late anyway! Her mission was to make the other ladies enjoy the evening. Did she ever succeed!

Everyone was rather down when they first arrived. Hope got everyone laughing with her Oprah story and then the stories just flowed! Mandy unfortunately had to leave early, poor girl. Hehehehehehe.

Hope is SUCH a good liar that when the phone rang at 10:45 or so, I believed her story that it was Dave calling to see if Diana had shown up yet! What a hoser I was becoming! It was really the call from the stripper to say he was on the way!

The biggest surprise for all of us was when the knock on the door came around 11:00 PM. Hope, ever on her toes, says "Wow! Maybe that’s Diana!". Weren’t we all (those of us who knew about Kiltboy) very surprised when it WAS DIANA!!!!!!!!!!!

We just had time to make introductions and offer Herself a drink when there came another knock on the door. Enter KILTBOY. He was great! So sexy in that Velcro kilt and all! That was a blast. Fortunately I was safe behind the camera . . . Faith you silly girl sitting there on the floor looking up! What a view!

After the show, Diana signed books, opened gifts and shared the story of how she and her husband met. I think he is truly her Jamie.

The evening was fantastic. It all worked out so well. I’m glad to have spent that time with the ladies that I met. And now here I am a registered LOL checking the board every time one of my kids is either watching TV or napping! I can’t wait for the next Gathering of the Clan MacHoser!

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