Claire and Jamie (with an apology to Omar Khayyman)
I sleep....a thousand dreams in the night.
I wake....and they vanished with the light,
and this dawn..that brings the day,
will take Jamie...again...away.
Come with me and leave the lot!
Let English man and Scots be forgot!
You've left your mark upon my soul,
A warmth grow cold.
Walk with me thru heather strown,
for my do own.
Walk with me ..down the years,
through the smiling ...and the tears.
With a loaf of bread, beneath the bough,
A flask of ale, a gentle word, and thou
beside me singing in the wilderness,
and Paradise now.
~~Lady Ruth



First I must apologize that this newsletter is so late in coming out. All I can say is that computers can be a big pain in the arse! Luckily, a new one fixed the problems. :-)

The newsletter was originally supposed to come out somewhere around Christmas. It had a nice snowflake background. Well, since it's spring now and we've had a few 80 degrees days around here, I figured a different background would be more appropriate. I love the castle with the thistle growing in front of it.

Enjoy the newsletter. A lot of new people filled out the survey, there are plenty of topic replies and detailed accounts from nine people about the Surrey gathering where they were able to meet with Diana Gabaldon and Kiltboy provided the entertainment.




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