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I asked the Ladies of Lallybroch to answer a few questions about themselves so we can show how the Outlander series appeals to a very eclectic group.

The questions were:

  1. About yourself:
    • Age?
    • Family?
    • Where do you live?
    • What do you do for a living?
  2. How did you discover the series?
  3. What are the things that make Jamie appealing to you?
  4. How has reading the series disrupted your life? i.e. ignored DH and Kids, no sleep, etc...
  5. How will you survive until the next book arrives?

And the Results:

Lady Holly:

*About me: I am 26, I have a husband and three boys (I'm out numbered!). I live in Michigan, I'm just Mommy right now.

*I discovered the series when I was joining Doubleday Book Club and I had to pick all those free books. Drums was on there and I thought it sounded good.

*Jamie's appeal: Jamie, ah Jamie, how can I count the ways? Aside from the physical traits [g], I think it's his honor and kindness, and also his general manliness (men were men back then).

*Disruptions in my life? After Drums I RACED out and got the first three, I would read all day and all night. My husband whined, the kids complained but I couldn't stop. I talked about it to everyone and drove them nuts. I would tell my husband every time Jamie did something I liked, he was so patient!

*How will I survive? I don't know! Maybe through the help of all you I might pull through. I just keep re-reading and dreamin' of Jamie!

Lady Amanda:

*About me: I am 18, a student working on a Medical degree at the University of Calgary, Alberta (Canada), although I am from the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC. I have no family of my own, but I am close with my Mother and Father, and both my younger sister and twin sister.

*I discovered the series through my twin sister. She was going through a pile of books at our neighbour's house, and discovered Outlander. She suggested that I read it, and a year later I did....and I loved it!

*Jamie is appealing for many reasons. He is full of passion and determination. His sense of humour, and his stubbornness. As well, his willingness to treat Claire as much as an equal as possible, considering the times.

*I am glad to say that this series just interrupted my sleep. I was reading it until the wee hours, it was hard to put down.

*How will I survive till the next book - with as much distraction as possible.

Lady Doris:

*About me: Age? It's nae polite to ask a lady's age....... Family? Anthony, Darcie, Ryan, Bear [the Rott], Brutus [the Pit]. I live in West Colorado. I have a custom doll clothing and collectibles business.

*I discovered the series through business associates.

*What I like about Jamie are his gentle strength, his looks [of course!], everything about him!!!!! [except his wife beating].

*The reading hasn't interrupted my life as yet.

*Have only read "Outlander" so far and must reread that then get on to the next book....

Lady Riskee:

*About me: Age? Somewhere between 20 and 40, at least on the good days. Family? dh and three fur people. I live in MD where I am currently unemployed and trying to convince the dh that I'd be a great housewife, but he doesn't buy it since the fur people don't count as children (can you believe it?!?!?). He claims all I would do is read all day. Moi? :-)

*I discovered the series by fortuitous accident. I was surfing around following links (the ones that show what other books people who have bought that particular book have bought- or something like that) and I came across Outlander. I read all of the raves and said "I have to read this book!". I ran out, got all four and spent the next week immersed in Jamie's world (and this was while I was still working full-time, and, no, that isn't why I'm unemployed now!).

*What are the things that make Jamie appealing to me? Ahhhh.... Me and Jamie rolling in the heather, birds singing softly in the trees, the splash of a nearby brook, him gently asking if he is doing it right, me sighing, running my fingers through his hair, down his back towards his muscular, well-formed ... Ahem, sorry about that, I was having a rather pleasant dream.

*How has reading the series disrupted my life? Oh yeah, ignored the dh big time (sorry about that dear) and kept annoying him by asking "Why don't you ever ______ like Jamie does?". I think I must have asked him once too often because he actually hid my book from me. Of course, that didn't last very long when I threatened to hide other things from him.

*How will I survive until the next book arrives? By reading other novels set in the same relative time and place and comparing them to the DG novels and finding them lacking and hoping her new one comes out soon so I can find out what happens during the war and.... Aw, shucks, I guess I'll just have to grit my teeth and bear it

Lady Lori:

*About me: I am 37, have two daughters, 12 and 18, live in Florida and am a computer engineer.

*I discovered the series through a friend.

*What are the things that make Jamie appealing to me? His understanding of Claire's need to work, his honesty, his undying love.

*How has reading the series disrupted my life? No sleep, a little of ignoring of the kids.

*How I'll survive until the next book arrives - reread the other books in the series.

Lady Penny:

*About me: I am 27, soon to be 28 on March 1st, married to a wonderful man and have three children. Tom, is my DH, Anthony, Tommy and Angeleah are my pride and joys. I live on the east coast of Texas about an hour south of Houston. I'm a stay-at-home Mom who will start college (again) as soon as all three children are in school for the full day.

*I discovered the series through Judie.

*The things that make Jamie appealing to me: His fairness and loyalty.

*How has reading the series disrupted life? i.e. ignored DH and Kids, no sleep, etc. All of the above, plus behind on housework!

*I'll survive until the next book arrives by reading the ones I have, over again.

Lady Michelle:

*About me: Age? 45. Family? Just me, and an Insignificant Other who just hangs around like a pet I can't get rid of. Known to meow at odd times and ask me, "I'm sort of like Jamie, don't you think?" Live in Yonkers, NY and work at a weekly magazine doing computer page production.

*I discovered the series when the magazine I work at did a small feature on Diana Gabaldon; I read it as I worked on it and thought, "That really sounds like something written just for me!"

*What makes Jamie appealing to me: Strength combined with gentleness; most of all, the way he really pays attention, listens to Claire; he knows Claire better than she knows herself. It makes a difference to him who he's with, and he could pick her out in a lineup without using his hands.

*How has reading the series disrupted my life? I was obsessed, absorbed (and have led many others down this Primrose Path); staying up late nights, wrecking myself, walking around like a zombie the next day only to repeat the performance the following night. (My friends did the same thing, and I have saved their invective e-mails!) My Insignificant Other was worried that he had fallen into a Stephen King novel; I kept withdrawing into a room, shutting the door, and disappearing for hours and hours. Any attempt to converse with me through the door was met with growled monosyllables, barks, snarls, and assorted other animal noises. He finally became really curious about these books (sensing competition!) and, being a school teacher, had the summer off to really immerse. He devoured them, hour after hour, day after day, and that's when the "I'm sort of like Jamie, right?" phenomenon started to occur.

*How will I survive until the next book arrives? I don't know. Help me, please! (Is there a 12-step program for this?) Can we lead a commando raid on the publisher? Can we just wire money to DG and ask for direct feed, day by day? Electrodes in the brain? Establish a banana republic on DG's lawn, get federal aid, and offer to mow lawns, chop wood, etc. for food and daily readings?

Lady Beverly:

*About me: I am 36, my family are daughter Amber (4 years old) and husband David. We live in Charlotteville, VA, I am a business owner (sell toys from the past to collectors). I'm the editor of an international toy newsletter. A formally trained actress who would love to play the part of Claire! Oh, for God's sake, who wouldn't ? [big grin]

*I discovered the series when a dear friend of mine lent me her copy of Outlander 3 years ago, I put it in a very special place with the thought that one day I could find the time to read it, the idea that there was close to a thousand pages scared me a wee bit. After getting settled into our new house, I located the book and began my journey. And there I can be found presently.

*The things that make Jamie appealing to me: In Outlander he reminded me so much of my husband when we first dated. His charm & honest-to-God sweetness. He's so protective and has a raw sexuality! All rolled into a very handsome package! I love a man who knows what he wants and goes after it, no matter what. When Jamie wrapped Claire into himself on the horse shortly after their first meeting, I could "feel" him, I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck the horse walked along. Here's a man that is in pain and not even knowing who Claire is, he feels protective of her. I was taken by him then and continue to be even now.

*How has the series disrupted my life? Interesting you should ask...{smirk} all I can say is it has certainly improved that part of my marriage which would encourage my husband to run to the 24 hour bookstore for me in the middle of the night to get the next book, just so .....well, let's just say he's pleased with the sensual parts of these books! My daughter on the other hand has found a rival.

*As for sleep? Oh, since picking up Outlander I have found I don't need to eat or sleep as much anymore.

*How will I survive until the next book arrives? I'll find a way, if I must {cough-cough} I might have to resort to reading Outlander through Drums again & again.... Diana if you're reading this...I've heard there will be only 6 books in this series, but maybe, just maybe, you would consider a few more? To Jamie & Claire, May they go on forever!

Lady Claire:

I'm 32 in March. Live in Yorkshire, North of England, in the city of Sheffield. My heritage is Scottish but I was adopted and brought up in Yorkshire and although I feel very Scottish I'm also proud of Yorkshire. My birth mother lives in Canada!

I am married to Rob who is from Manchester, we have one son, Fraser (!) who is 16 months and a total lovepot! I feel Rob would be a better person if he knew more about Jamie and Claire than the little he gleans from my wine-fuelled ramblings!

I work as a health promotion specialist with a remit for women's health and a focus on addressing inequalities in health caused by poverty and deprivation. I also write romance, though I haven't been published yet.

* I discovered DG in May 1993, I'd been in the pub with Rob at lunchtime watching the FA Cup semi-final (soccer) between the two local teams, Sheffield Wednesday (who my dad used to play for) and Sheffield United. It felt like we were the only two people left in Sheffield! Rob ran a remainder bookshop at the time (books which have been discontinued) and had closed it for the duration of the match, afterwards we went back to open up and I was bored so Rob sat me down in the back with a cup of coffee to sober me up and "this book, I thought you'd like it, it's about Scotland and the heroine's called Claire". It was Cross Stitch in hardback.

Well, it took me about half an hour and I was hooked. I read it as he dragged me out of the shop at closing time. I read it all the way home on the bus. I read it all evening and all night and at six the next morning I woke Rob up and said "I want to go to Scotland now." Does that answer Question 4 as well?! Dragonfly came out the following year and can you believe I had it for a year before I read it? It seems incredible now, but I couldn't bear to open it up, I'd been so involved with the characters of Cross Stitch (silly title) and of course could see Culloden looming, that I was just too frightened. I finally read it in January 1995 in one all-night sitting with a bottle of wine and a packet of cigarettes and the next day (we were a bit more affluent by then and had a car!) Rob and I drove to Inverness and stayed for a week! Voyager had a similar effect though I have to say that by the time Drums was published last year it did not have the same effect (I did have a very small baby so staying up all night and sleeping the next day was not an option!). Also my personal opinion of the book was that it was not as powerful.

* I guess I see a lot of myself - or at least the person I would want to be - in Jamie and in Claire. I would be hard pressed to say which of them I loved the best and perhaps one of the best things about them is that they work so well together. They are comrades and friends as well as all the rest. With Jamie, he is so well written that his physical presence is tangible in a way that few heroes are, the combination of courage, compassion and humour is what does it for me, every time. And I love Claire's principles and her hot-headedness.

* I think I've probably answered that, above!

Lady Mercedes:

* About yourself: I am 44 (Yikes! When did THAT happen!), married, with two kids, ages 13 and 8. I live in Pennsylvania, and when I am not being wife or mom, I am a counselor at a university.

* How did you discover the series? I don't remember, but I haunt bookstores and libraries in my spare time, and several summers ago I was piling up stuff to read while recovering from surgery when I hit Gabaldon Gold!

* What are the things that make Jamie appealing to you? Where to begin???The postings before mine in the last newsletter said much of what would be on my list, but here goes: honesty, humor, morality, intelligence, humility, a curious mix of worldliness and innocence, rugged good looks with just the right touch of lusty thrown in.....Where to stop??? But perhaps the one thing that is most appealing about Jamie is the way he cherishes Claire *sigh*.

* How has the series disrupted your life? Well, my kids are always complaining that I've got my face in "another book!" What make this series different from other books, I guess, is that I feel compelled to pester other people to read it! Which brings me to.....

* How will you survive until the next book arrives? Well, thank God for this Web site, where I finally get to spill my guts to others who know what I'm talking about......that certainly helps. I've already read all four books twice, so now I'm tempted to try listening to the audio tapes. I also read and reread Diana's excerpts from her website. Anything to get my Jamie&Claire fix!

Lady Rosanne:

*Hi Everyone! I'm new to LOL but I've been a member of the AOL reading group Clan Outlandish since May. My name is Rosanne, I'm 27 and finally a stay at home mom since my husband received his PhD in December (WOOHOO!). I have a 51/2 year old son and hope to have many more kids! <g> We live in St. Louis, Missouri and are BIG soccer fans! Funny.. My favorite player is Alexi Lalas!<vbg> Tall (6'3"), long red hair.... and one heck of a soccer player... He's not Jamie... but he's close enough to at least dream about!

*I was first attracted to the Outlander series when Drums of Autumn came out in HB. I saw the cover of the book and thought, I should read that! I read the back cover, put the book down and left... thinking about it... Next time I went to the book store, I looked at it AGAIN! Finally, the third time I said... ok, I'm going to try the first book of this series... I bought Outlander and started to read it the next day. I went to the book store that night and bought DIA and Voyager because I knew as soon as I finished Outlander I would pick up the next one. Which I did. Needless to say, I basically hibernated for the next week. I read LATE into the morning on several of those nights only having to get up an hour later to go to work! I was on autopilot that whole week... nothing came between me and the books besides absolute necessities (my husband had to do a little extra that week! The house was a mess!!!)

*The things I like about Jamie?... hmm... well, my husband isn't tall, nor is he a hardbody like Jamie <bg> but he is a wonderful, loving, caring, sensitive, strong man and nothing is more important to him than his wife and his son. And I see that in Jamie, so I guess that's part of it...Other than that, he's sexy as all get out! <vbg>

*I'm surviving (barely) waiting for the next books by rerererereading the first four books and discussing all the little hidden messages with other Outlander fans (especially in the Clan Outlandish on AOL) I can tell you this.. I'll be the first at the bookstore for the Outlandish companion this Summer and I'll be there to grab the next two books before the store gets the box unpacked!!!

Lady Sara:

*I am 38, married 8 yrs. mother of three school age children. Oldest is 7, twins are 5 boy and girl. I live in a rural town in Southern Calif. about 70 miles ne of L.A., born and raised in CA, near the Northridge Earthquake. I spent 7 months in Italy 12 yrs. ago. Loved it, speak the lingo. Love those Italian hunks. :) I am a Substitute Librarian at my children's school, hope to be a permanent one soon; I also am noon duty supervisor at the school. Love kids.

*I discovered the series in a hurry. I love to read, was with all my kids at the public Library, they were acting up and I needed a book. I literally grabbed a book. The cover looked good and I was gone. Stressed cuz the kids were creating mayhem. It was the best book, best writing I can remember reading. After that I was spoiled. I have read and own all of her books.

*I find Jamie's strength and sensitivity appealing as well as his physical attributes. His sense of humor isn't too bad either.

*The books disrupted my life for all the reasons you mention. More significantly, reading other authors became difficult. Their lack of storytelling abilities, depth of character missing, descriptive writing not up to par. The characters weren't interesting. Historical facts not very detailed. Need I go on?

*I really don't know. L.O.L. helps.

Lady Suzy:

*I am 39 years old, mother of two (my son is a freshman in college, my daughter is 13 and definitely a teenager). I have a dh and live in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. I also have two hyper shelties and a parakeet that “found” us. I’m a secretary for a special needs adoption agency.

*My sister first recommended Outlander to me last spring. I was going to have surgery in March (bone spurs on the vertebrae in my neck) and she felt it would keep me occupied. I must have read Outlander 4 or 5 times before I could get someone to drive me to the bookstore to pick up Dragonfly (the surgery kept me from driving for two months). In reality Outlander kept me from “going off the deep end.” My daughter would come home from school and comment “you're reading that book AGAIN.” Since I couldn’t do anything else I read the series twice. My Outlander is on loan and I’m not sure if I’m getting it back. So looks like I’m buying another. I have 2 others lined up to read the books -- but I think I’ll make them sign in blood before I loan out another of the series.

*What can you say about JAMMF? Sensitive, sexy, handsome, loyal, A REAL MAN. And to be able to stay that way after all the abuse he suffered speaks loads about his character!

*As what to do until the next book -- the bulletin board definitely helps. I do plan to the series again, when I get Outlander back or bought. Of course, I still have a tbr (to-be-read) pile that needs some attention.

Lady Lee C.:

*I'm 35 years old and have been married for 3 years to the same man I had lived with for 10 (I need to live with a guy at least a decade before I'm SURE he's the right one). (Perhaps if this was a requirement for a marriage license the divorce rate would drop?) My household consists of 2 vizslas, 3 parrots, a rabbit and 750,000 bees. I reside in SE CT.

*I think I mentioned on the message board my discovery of Outlander when it was initially published and the agony of not knowing the rest of the story and if there would BE a rest of the story. (That time period caused me great distress in my life and no one was sympathetic since they hadn't read the book.) The invitation to join the message board was greatly appreciated because again most of the people I introduced the books to did not have, how shall I say this...the fervor, yeah the same fervor about the story and characters I did. I am SO glad to find not one, but MANY, who want to know that much more about everything in the books. What a balm to the soul, kindred spirits.

*Lost sleep, ignoring the phone, doorbell, spaghetti boiling over etc. was the norm while I was reading. In fact last night (re-reading now) there was a difference of opinion on whether the light should stay on or off since neither of us had to get up early the next morning. I went to bed thinking "robbed again".

*There is not enough space for me to go on about Jamie, I'll use the message board for that!

*I think now I can get a "fix" from the message board making the time till the next publication bearable (just). But when I opened DOA and heard Jamie speak over my shoulder explaining what Claire was looking at I hadn't realized how much I MISSED everyone and how glad I was that they were back. (I wanted to give everyone a hug. "So nice to see you again!") I read DOA VERY slowly to savor every moment I could be with them. Ms. Gabaldon's web page is also a great help. Lets face it, I'm an addict.

Laddie Scotty:

*My parents were both born in Great Britain, my Father in Scotland and my Mother in England, so I have my own Jamie and Claire so to speak. I have two sisters and one brother, and I am the only one to be born in America. I live in the Northern part of California in the Cascade Mountains.........way out in the forest among the tall pines. I have just about completed building my own house, having cut the trees and milled all the wood here on our property. It has been a five year project and would not recommend it unless you like to camp out.

*Claire, of course, is my attraction in the series and I like Jamie because he is what every sensible man would like to be.

*The books have not affected me to the extent it has some of you ladies but it has allowed me to find a good number of new friends and I will thank you ladies for that.

Lady Gayle:

I am 49 (where has the time gone?) I have a wonderfully patient husband and two kids, daughter 19 and son 17. I am a pharmacy techniciansoon to be certified not just licensed, and we live in Illinois.

My mother sent me her books when she got done with them and raved about them. I was hooked immediately and read each one as soon as I could get my hands on them. I have since passed them on to friends at work and have actually gotten people to start reading again.

Jamie is everything I think every woman is looking for in a man. He's thoughtful, faithful, good looking, and apparently, good in bed. He's smart and he takes care of Claire. I don't care how self-sufficient we think we are, I think we all like the idea of being cared for and adored by someone who loves us.

While I'm reading DG my house becomes filthy, my dogs sit with their legs crossed, and my husband does the cooking because he knows I'm in my own little world faraway in Scotland with people he doesn't yet know. I go to work with a whole set of luggage under my eyes as I don't sleep until I'm done. I really do have a life, but it isn't nearly as intersting as Jamie and Claire's.

We are all surviving on past books to get us through until the next one comes out, but it had better come out soon. We talk about the books at work and the men I work with are totally put out. They have no soul or heart and wouldn't understand even if they read the books, but since they haven't, they are at a complete loss to understand why we women are so embroiled in the plot. If it weren't for Scotty I would think it was a Y chromosome thing. Guess Scotty is just special.

Lady Ruthie:

My name is Ruthie, but I sign on as Kell. I live in New Hampshire with my husband of 14 years and my 9 year old son. I too worked as a word processor out of my home but am currently and unhappily unemployed! However, I work as a batik artist and am in the process of designing a line of batik Celtic inspired clothing..if I ever get a web site together I will let you know!

I learned about the books from my neighbor. She had told me several times that I MUST read this book, Outlander - it was about Scotland (we are both Scottish freaks and of Scottish descent). She told me it was about a woman who traveled through time to 18th century Scotland...well, I dunno, that just turned me off...TRAVELED THRU TIME?? Sounded stupid. But she kept at me, until like someone else wrote, she physically came to my door with the book and said "READ THIS". And so I did. I still remember waiting for my little boy in nursery school (he had just started and I had to PROMISE him that I was parked outside the whole time - oh the things we do for our kids sometimes!!) I can remember "oh well, I'll bring this book.." I still remember when Clare was riding on the horse with Jamie after they had picked her up the first time...sitting there in the car...and just going "Whew....". That was the start. So my neighbor and I proceeded to impatiently wait for new books and then gobbled them down as they came out and we continue to impatiently wait. But it's so worth waiting for! Every year we go to the Highland Games here at Loon Mtn. in Lincoln, NH and look for her books...and look for Jamies. I actually came close once - he was a bit more strawberry blonde than red heided but he was tall, had long hair, and a kilt no less! But he was from the back and got lost in the crowd. Have not had any luck finding one since - but what a great place to find him- Highland Games - I recommend it!

 Things about Jamie--well, you all know. Mostly it is his courage, honor and integrity, and well, there was one time where I was reading and thought to myself, "this guy is too perfect, he was obviously written by a woman" because in some circumstances, he said and did things that real men just don't do very often. Can't be specific now. But I do feel that we can find some or most of these attributes in our own men. My husband is in some ways like Jamie - he is a real man's man, a leader, and he would defend us to his own detriment and death I believe. He is not so consistently "open" emotionally as Jamie to Claire, but he has his moments. I think most women would acknowledge that trying to get information out of your man is like trying to pull screws out by hand. Anyway, enough said! Love the books and love the sites!

Lady Janet:

* HELLO! I am a 37 year old Lady with a wonderful husband, 4 children (ages 8-15) and the owner of my own bookstore.

* How did I discover the series? Many customers had highly recommended these books! Lots of people bought all four books to give as Christmas gifts! I had to find out what all the fuss was about! I read lots of Romance novels and love time travel. Don't know how I missed them all these years!

* What makes Jamie appealing? Other than his wonderful body, good looks and perfect-in-every-way character? Probably his sense of humor, his ability to confide his innermost feelings, his undying passion to love and protect Claire, and . . . his undying passion . . . !

* How has reading the series disrupted my life? Ohhh . . early bedtimes (my reading time), late night wake-up calls for my husband, interruptions during the day to seek out others with this obsession!

* How will I survive until the next book arrives? WHO KNOWS!! I'm definitely going to need help!


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