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A Book Signing

You know you're hooked when you skip a PTA meeting to go to a book signing. That's exactly what I did on November 20, 1997. Granted, the book signing was on my calendar long before I knew about the PTA meeting, but... Anyway, I wasn't going to miss a chance to meet Diana Gabaldon. For months I had checked her website, hoping for news that she would be in the D.C. area and finally, here she was.

I was disappointed that the bookstore told me I could only have two books autographed. Really disappointed that my sister-in-law wasn't coming with me so I could have the other two signed. I printed out this website for her, in case she was ever interested in checking us out.

I couldn't believe how many people showed up for the signing. The women swarmed around the signing area, while the men took the kids to other areas. When she arrived, she talked about the series, how she worked, talk of movies, etc. Personally, I don't want a movie made if they want to move it to the Gulf War. I did ask if she had her way with the script/setting, etc., who would she choose to play Jamie. She said since she didn't watch T.V. or movies much (I'd go through withdrawal) that she didn't know many actors/actresses and something to the effect that she knew who Jamie was (her husband). Wish her husband had been there. She's very small and soft spoken. At some point during the question/answer session she made the comment that she didn't curse. That struck me as funny considering how much cursing Claire did.

She read from Drums in Autumn. The part about the outhouse snake. Then we waited in line for the signing. I was one of the last group. I gave her my books, the print out of this site and it was over. I know I'll go again if she's in the area. She's very frank and open during the discussions and I like that. Hopefully that will be soon. Look for her to start visiting books stores again this summer (or is it fall?) when The Outlandish Companion comes out.

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