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I asked the Ladies of Lallybroch to answer a few questions about themselves so we can show how the Outlander series appeals to a very eclectic group.

The questions were:

  1. About yourself:
    • Age?
    • Family?
    • Where do you live?
    • What do you do for a living?
  2. How did you discover the series?
  3. What are the things that make Jamie appealing to you?
  4. How has reading the series disrupted your life? i.e. ignored DH and Kids, no sleep, etc...
  5. How will you survive until the next book arrives?

And the results:

Lady Judie, I am 46, live in Vancouver, Canada, married 23 years, have 2 twenty-something *kids*! I am truly a Canadian hoser, but by day (and night, depends when you're self-employed) I do word processing for the top orthopaedic surgeons in Vancouver! :-)

An online friend of mine knows Diana, mentioned her to me several times, and that she was a published author, I got to talk to her a few times in the Compuserve Writer's Forum, asked her about her books, decided to try one, hoped I wouldn't hate it [because the word "sci-fi" was sometimes used to categorize her books, and I am not into sci-fi] and have to tell her, "Oh, it was really .... uh ..... different....." . I read Dragonfly in Amber, and even though I hadn't read Outlander, I really loved the story, immediately fell in love with one Jamie Fraser, and couldn't put the book down. I was so upset at the end of the book because I still didn't realize at that point that there was an actual SERIES going on, and there was a follow-up book. I was totally disgusted at the ending ... for about 5 minutes until it DAWNED ON ME (!!!) that there was MORE!!! I was so ecstatic I wrote her right away to thank her!! :-) Anyway, what can I say - the books are great, I wish everyone loved them as I do. If you haven't tried them, please DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR - and make sure you START with OUTLANDER. You'll appreciate the subsequent books that much more.

Jamie, IMHO, is everything a man should be. One could use many adjectives to describe him: sexy, loving, protective, gorgeous, kind, honourable, sexy, loyal, honest, sexy ..... If I have one complaint about the man, it would be his uncanny knack for getting into trouble without trying and always getting into fights. That would *definitely* be something I'd have to have a little "chat" with him about! :-) Other than that, the man is a saint - an' no mistake!!!

I spent many hours, at all times of the day, reading the books. I've reread them several times. I own at least 3 copies of the series and lend them out to friends. Had tears running down my face while driving in my car and listening to Dragonfly in Amber - where Clare leaves Jamies..... I've driven to Seattle from Vancouver to an reading/autograph session with Diana - dragged my brother along, met her in Vancouver, fantasized with the Ladies of Lallybroch for months about Jamie Fraser - a day never goes by that they and I, or I alone think/talk about the man. He has permeated our lives - and we can't get enough. End of story! :-)

Drive people nuts talking about Jamie Fraser and the books; spiritual discourses with my fellow Ladies of Lallybroch; reread the books probably another 10 times; reread the "great" parts many more times ; keep the Ladies of Lallybroch a happenin' group with a happenin' web site .... just the usual.... :-)

Lady Val, I'm a 28 yr old SAHM of 3 boys (6,3,almost 2). I live in Washington DC with my husband of 9 years. While the kids are my main job, I do volunteer desktop publishing for a few groups to keep my sanity.

My mom loaned me the series two summers ago when my husband was away for 3 months. I must have read it three times that summer. I couldn't wait for Drums to come out.

Well, it doesn't hurt that my husband's name is James...I also like that Jamie is very loyal, strong, has a great deal of integrity, tall (I have a thing for tall guys), cute, sexy, funny and I could go on. I know some people were bugged when he took the belt to Claire, but I cracked up when he told her he used "restraint". Yes, I'm warped.

I've basically ignored all to read these books. I read Drums in a day and a half. As long as the kids were fed and changed sometime during the day [g] (just kidding).

I guess I'll survive by rereading the books, talking to the other Ladies and hoping the next one comes out sooner than expected.

Lady Stephanie, I'm 26 and live in the Chicagoland area. I'm a Technical Administrative Assistant. I have a Mom, Stepfather, Brother and a bird, Gomez.

Actually, my friend, Sharon, called me one day and said that she had a book that I must read. I told her that I had a huge pile of books that I plan to read first so her selection would just have to wait. Well, this not sitting well with her, she dropped by my work one day and gave me my own copy of Outlander and demanded that I read it right away and that I would thank her for it. Well, she was right, I thanked her profusely for introducing me to Jamie Fraser and I have been hooked ever since. )Incidentally, I still haven't read the other books that were in the huge "to read" pile) :-)

Well, for one thing, it has shown me exactly why I have been so unsatisfied with the men I was dating. What, yah, I lost A LOT of sleep staying up really late so I can read. I have been completely turned off from other books. I am very easily irritated when I am reading the books for I can't stand it when people interrupt me. I am sure people think I am obsessed...and they are probably right. :-) But the best of all is that I have met some truly wonderful people and made some great friends over this series...people who share and understand my obsession. :-)

You got me! I am still trying to figure that out. :+) I want the next two books DESPERATELY!!! In the mean time, I keep rereading the books I do have so that I remember all the details.

Sue Tennant; age: 53; home: Aloha, Oregon; job: Sr. Admin Asst. for a "major computer chip company" and am also an associate for a nutraceutical company, looking forward to the day I can tell corporate America goodbye and sit home and write my own romances; married, 3 kids, 3 grandkids (the joy of my life, ranging from 9-14).

I started reading Outlander because I'd read a book years before that had used the term, and wanted to know more about it. I was hooked from page one and since it was a time travel set in Scotland I made sure I was able to devote the time necessary to read it. Some books you just know you need to be curled up in your favorite chair with nothing else on the agenda for several hours. I gobbled it down like chocolate and was soooo excited to find the sequels (one is autographed by Diana). The only one I really had to wait for was Drums and it about killed me. When my son gave me a bookstore gift certficate for Christmas I hotfooted it down to the store and picked it up, sneaking glimpses of it as I drove home, then shut myself away to enjoy it throughly.

Jamie is just darling. Although he is a little young (my youngest son is 28 and my eldest 35) and I feel incestous lusting after him, I can see how he would most definitely appeal to any woman with a pulse. The whole series appeals to me because of Gabaldon's in depth historical views and her characters. Even the "bad" ones are finely drawn. I have to admit that Voyager was a little draggy but still very much worth the time to read it. I love how she brings back characters from the past.

I'm Martha. I'm 34. I live in Atlanta I have 1 husband and three children, aged 2-11. I'm a technical writer

I had read everything my favorite authors had ever written, and tried a couple of new authors who were duds. I found out that a friend from work liked the same authors I liked, so I asked her to recommend someone else. Ta Da! She brought in her AUTOGRAPHED hardback Outlander (In a Zip Loc) and let me read it. She has an 8x10 of her and Diana G. on her desk (taken when she got her Outlander autographed). I have tried to get her to join in here, but she's at a really busy stage of her life.

Well, I think of Jamie as more of a brother/friend, so the things I like about him are his loyalty and protectiveness.

I think Barney did a lot of babysitting when I was reading the series, but it's all really dim. I put people in the tub and LEFT them there so I could read. If anyone feels guilty about ignoring your kids, forget it: Concentrate on what a good ROLE model you're being (demonstrating the value of reading for pleasure)!

I'm holding up pretty well while I wait, because I have just discovered the TLT bb. So many good recommendations! I just got started reading Marsha Canham, and Suzie Enoch is next!

Debbie, I'm 29 and live in North Carolina. I have a wonderful husband and wild 19 month old. I'm a nurse who is currently staying home to care for child.

Found DIA in a bookstore, LOVED IT! went back and read Outlander, then waited breathlessly for the next novels! Can never reread them because I can't get them back once I loan them out!

Jamie is humorous, giving, open, strong at the right time, vulnerable at the right time. He lives and breathes! A masterpiece of a character. I also love Claire, who jumps off the page as well. Their love story is beautiful and moving.

Definitely some late nights and bleary mornings! Racing home from work to finish it!

By judiciously spacing rereadings!

Betty Ruth, I'm 53 and live in Portland, Ore. I have two children and four grandchildren. I was a Customer Service Manager for a large retailer,retired early because of health.

I was grocery shopping in 1991,browsing thru the book section. The title caught my eye. I looked on the inside flap,saw a woman holding a horse and a MAJOR babe off to one side,read the back cover. Bought it, and read it three times before DIA came out.

His honor, his love for Claire and the way he showed that love, his wit, and the fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt. I really liked when he was talking to Claire about his feelings for her.

Losing sleep because I just couldn't put the books down.

Is it really going to be two years before it's out? I guess I'll just keep on re-reading the ones I have,*sigh*.

My name is Kelsey. I am 21 years old. I live in Stillwater, OK. I have a sister and I am very close to her and my mother. I am a full time student at Oklahoma State University. I am a pre-med physiology senior. If all goes well, I will graduate with honors in the spring and start medical school at OU Health Sciences Center in the fall. I am engaged to a wonderfully sweet man named Duane and we're planning on getting married June 6, 1998. (No he's not Scottish and he won't wear a kilt!)

I discovered the series this spring when a friend on my dorm floor recommended them. We were taking a creative writing course together and we spent hours talking about both our writing and Diana's. I am now on Drums of Autumn, and it is more than wonderful, but Outlander will always be my favorite I think Jamie is appealing to me because he combines strength with compassion. I draw a lot of my fiancé into his character just because Duane is my ideal mate. However, I don't think I could ever see a person on the street and say, "That's Jamie!!!" Jamie exists in my mind and I don't believe anywhere else. You guys will be aghast when you read this, but really I enjoy the series more for Claire's character than Jamie's. Sorry!! I identify with Claire in many ways. Not to mention her interest in medicine. I love her sense of humor, her feistiness, and her stubborness. I can very easily see myself in her shoes, no matter how strange the situation.

The series has disrupted my life only minimally. I have stayed up later than I think I ever have for a book with this series. I find myself making myself put the books down every once in a while though, just to make them last longer!!! Oh, the kilt pictures and talk of Jamie have disrupted my relationship with Duane superficially. He gets a bit annoyed with the man in kilt wallpaper on my desktop.

I will probably start Outlander again while I wait for the next book. I have to admit, I have a few other authors' books I'd like to read to. For instance the new release by Sidney Sheldon and Contact by Carl Sagan.

Chris, I'm a 47 y/o homemaker from Gaithersbury, MD where I live with my husband, two sons and two dogs.

I discovered the series on the internet, in the romance book section of PTN (People Together).

I have this delightful picture in my head of  Jamie, (in the August version of Playgirl/same one as Brad Pitt's nude pix), with his long curly red hair, blue eyes, terrific body that looks hot in a kilt, and even hotter OUT of it.[G] It also helps that he can be a very gentle lover when the mood suits him. My hubby has had to make himself a few sandwiches for dinner on the days I was caught up reading.

Well, there's this thing called my tbr pile that seems to multiply by itself practically, that I will whittle away at in the meantime.[g]

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