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In Search of a Live Jamie

Greetings, Sassenachs!

Let me start out here by stating the obvious. Jamie Fraser is the perfect man. Agreed? Good. Then I am sure ye can all appreciate my elation when, during my first trip through the stones, I encountered this 6' 4", red-headed paragon who proceeded to capture my heart. What luck! This is the man I ha' been looking for all my life! Forget Prince Charming; he is no longer good enough. I want Jamie Fraser! Then reality came out o'nowhere, slapped me upside the head an' pointed out the verra cruel fact that Jamie is no a real man. Och! Instant heartache!

Weel, as ye can verra well guess, I was fair cross about this entirely loathsome situation. I finally found the man o' my dreams an' he has the nerve to be non-existent! So, I started to sulk. Aye, I kent it was childish behavior, but so was Jamie's hide an' seek game. Weel, apparently, someone above took pity on me (or a likin' to me, dependin' on how ye look a' it) for one day I found myself face to face wi' a man whose personality immediately reminded me of the handsome an' bold Highlander I had come to adore. Then it occurred to me; Jamie Fraser may no be a real flesh an' blood man tha' I can reach out an' touch, but his spirit is most likely alive an' well in the hearts an' souls of some verra special men around the world. After all, I had a close encounter with just such a man. There is hope for us yet!

So, this is what I propose. Every woman who is hopelessly addicted to Jamie Fraser needs to seek out his essence within the bodies of the men in their lives. Sometimes ye may have to look hard, sometimes no. Our fair Mr. Fraser has sae many wonderful qualities tha' it should be easy for ye to find at least one (however, I hope ye can find many more than one) within the depths of your man. Aye, I ken tha' ye may ne'er find an exact match, but ye can come close.

When ye find Jamie in your man, or any man for that matter, please tell us about him. By letting us Ladies know about your discovery, ye can help renew our faith tha' Mr. Fraser is indeed alive an' well. Because this is my idea, I shall be the one to start the ball rolling, so to speak.

I feel tha' I ha' been verra fortunate in tha' I ha' met my Jamie Fraser. To make things e'en better, I told this man, Tony, about the Ladies of Lallybroch and tha' each Lady has to swear an allegiance to one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser,...the perfect man. Weel, as one would expect, this raised Tony's eyebrows o' curiosity an' he asked me to describe to him what is sae special about Jamie. He asked me to create a list o' Jamie's qualities, good an' bad, an' then he shall do a comparison. Here I ha' to tell ye that I already knew tha' Tony was of Jamie Fraser quality, but was verra curious to know just how closely he compared. So, I gave him an extensive list an', to my complete elation, he rated an 87% comparison! Of course, as I said before, this was no a shock, for I kent he was a fine man indeed, verra similar to our beloved hero. And, aye, I ken wa' ye are thinking, but let me assure ye tha' Tony does no ha' an arrogant nature and he was verra honost in his comparison. In fact, there were one or twa qualities tha' I felt he was no giving himself enough credit for and felt obliged to raise the percentage for him.

Now, I ken tha' ye all are verra aware of Jamie's wonderful qualities and also of his three or four not sae wonderful ones. Never the less, I ha' decided to enter, at this point, the contents of tha' list with which Tony felt obliged to perform a self comparison. Jamie's wonderful qualities are as follows: intelligent, trustworthy, incredibly honest, great sense of humor, romantic, honorable, responsible, can compromise, loyal, dependable, considerate, passionate, reasonable, appropriately sensitive, forgiving, confident (doesn't feel he has to prove himself), non-judgemental, compassionate, loves unconditionally, good judge of character, non-materialistic, faithful, generous, modest, respectful of other people's feelings, knows his limitations / faults, can admit when he is wrong, good with children, confronts issues as soon as he can, sentimental, and can see the good in every person. Whew! Tha' is a lot for one man to be, but our gallant Mr. Fraser carries it off wi' ease, aye? :-) Now, Jamie's few (verra few) not sae wonderful qualities are as follows: stubborn (understatement), prone to jealousy (but only acts on it if given sufficient reason), terrible temper (but it's controllable), and last but no least, he, um....uh...(sniff, sniff).....he does no exist. :-{...(sniff)...Och, excuse me.....(sniff)... So, there ye ha' it. The list. Use it as ye may and if ye ha' anything to add to it, please let me know.

Now, as I previously stated, Tony scored an 87% comparison. Weel, back in the beginning of September, Tony left for a vacation and said to me before he left tha' he had been working on the list an' tha' he was getting closer an' closer to being a 100% comparison to Mr. Fraser. I still canna believe my luck!! Not only have I found a man who is a Jamie Fraser, but this man WANTS to be a Jamie' is aspiring to become so!! Now, if I can capture his heart, then I will be one o' the happiest women ye shall e'er meet, to say the least.

Ladies, I ken there are more men out there like Tony. After all, I have proof. I ken also tha' some of ye are marrit to verra fine men an' I am positive tha' your husbands have exuded some Jamie Fraser qualities now an' again. Tell us about them. He's out there, Sassenachs! Ye just ha' to look for him.

I thank ye for taking the time to read my words and I do hope tha' I ha' helped ye in your search for Jamie Fraser...or at least, inspired ye to look for him. Tulach Ard!!!

Lady Stephanie