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The Perfect Man

Is there really such a man who is the perfect combination of all that is gallant and desirable? You betcha! Unfortunately, he resides in the unreachable depths of Literature. Of course, I am talking about Jamie Fraser, the Scottish Highlander who has unwittingly stolen the hearts of many a fair maiden, myself included.

I have been asked the question of why I love Jamie as much as I do. What is it about this particular man that has so completely captured my heart and left me freely and eagerly offering up the remainder of my anatomy? Well, after some thought, I believe I have arrived at an answer. He is the equivalent of strawberry cheesecake, embodying all that is good and holy. (My apologies. I couldn't help myself) ;-)

What impresses me the most about Jamie Fraser is that he is so very honest. Honest in its purest sense. I have never seen that in a man before...ever. Because he is so completely honest, he makes it very easy to put the utmost trust and faith in him. Imagine, being able to trust someone to the point where you would wholeheartedly place your life in his hands. To me that is the essence of heaven. How can you not love that?

Along with that honesty, which is so very precious and rare, comes a respect for his loved ones that defies boundaries. It is because of this respectfulness in his nature that he is a reasonable and thoughtful man. He never places himself first. He has repeatedly suffered great sacrifice in the efforts to protect his loved ones, no matter the dangers or cost to himself. He is the true hero and that is something one so very rarely sees in this day and age. These qualities alone embody the romantic and extremely alluring ideal of a true man.

Intelligence is another aspect of Jamie that I find so irresistible. I love a good, intelligent conversation and Jamie is never one to disappoint. He has such wonderful conversations with Claire, yes? Have you ever heard another person describe their partner by saying that they complete their sense? Well, Jamie's intelligence appeals to the mind which completes that particular sense in another person. Looks do not last very long, especially if there is nothing of substance underneath, and Jamie has proved himself to be very substantial!

There is so much depth in Jamie Fraser that it is not an easy task to write just a brief essay on why he appeals to me so. I could go on and on about the man but I do not want to bore anyone (as if that was possible, right?). I will touch on one last asset of Jamie Fraser and leave it at that. That asset of his being his undying passion...for almost everything...and no, I am not just referring to Jamie in the bedroom, but yes, that too. :-) His passion is such that one can easily find themselves lost in it. With everything he does, whether in regards to love, family, survival, work, play, ...whatever, he gives it all he's got and I admire that greatly. And the fact that he can recognize and be grateful for all the fortune in his life, even when it seems all is lost, just makes me love him more. Yes, James Fraser is the ideal man and I will forever be thankful that he was introduced into my life.