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An Adventure Into Love

On a honeymoon in Scotland, she stumbled through stones
Confused by events, she started toward home.
This lovely young woman who answered to Claire
Then encountered Black Jack Randall who gave her a scare.

He questioned her presence and spoke words unkind.
She attempted to flee for it was rape on his mind.
An unlikely hero jumped out of the sky,
Knocked out ol' Black Jack and left him to lie.

Towed by the arm by her hero, somewhat brutal,
He presented her at once to a man they called Dougal.
She was a Sassenach lassie and had been found nearby,
And Dougal demanded to know if she was a spy.

Confused and distraught, Claire didn't know what to say,
But was fortunately pushed aside for the trouble at bay.
In the corner sat a man in agonizing pain;
His shoulder, disfigured, and Jamie was his name.

From the shadows she watched the Clan MacKenzie attempt
To repair Jamie's shoulder to the way it was meant.
But Claire, being a nurse, spoke up to say
"You're doing it wrong. You'll break his arm that way!"

Using this diversion to ease her of fright,
She tended Jamie's arm by the soft fire light.
Now the Clan had to leave for Redcoats were on the way,
So they held Claire hostage, "Tis wi' us tha' ye'll stay."

Saddled with Jamie, Claire came to know
She had entered a time that occurred long ago.
Determined to survive, she held up her chin,
Unwilling to succumb to the panic within.

Once during the trip, she cursed the young man.
His bandage came loose and she had to tie it again.
While she kneeled on his chest, the young Jamie thought
"This is the woman tha' I truly want."

At the end of the journey, they arrived at Castle Leoch
And ensconced in a room, Claire and Jamie could talk.
She found him likable and very attractive as well.
She asked questions and felt honored in his willingness to tell.

Then all at once, her dam of emotions did break,
She gave in to the tears and started to shake.
In an effort to calm her, Jamie set her on his lap
Offered words of comfort and held her as she wept.

He had already determined she was the woman he desired,
But now he knew he loved her, and thus started the fire.
The days came and went and their friendship grew.
What Fate had in store neither of them knew.

When summoned to the MacKenzie, Claire had her story prepared.
For saying she was from the future was too daft to be dared.
She was attacked on her travels and was forced to take flight.
Was attacked by Randall and promptly saved from that plight.

Column didn't trust her and so had his doubts.
She would remain at Leoch until he figured it out.
But after a month, he knew nothing for sure,
And decided to hand her to Randall once more

She would travel with Dougal as he collected the rents
And much to her comfort, found Jamie likewise sent.
Now along this journey Claire learned more of Black Jack,
Finding it was scruples and morals that he lacked.

To protect her from him, Dougal firmly said,
"Ye must become Scottish. Tis Jamie ye'll wed.
There's no other way unless ye wish to die.
If ye want our protection, then I bid ye comply."

So reluctantly she agreed to become Jamie's wife
And he vowed to protect her with his very own life.
The timing wasn't right for him to tell her he loved her,
He instead took pride in that her name became Fraser.

Well time started to pass and protect her he did.
He grew to love her more, yet that secret stayed hid.
Back at the castle, a burning jealousy grew,
For there was a lassie who wanted Jamie, too.

Seeing her chance, the young wench threw the switch
Pointing her finger and calling Claire Fraser a witch.
Jamie was away which left Claire all alone,
On trial for her life with chances of stone.

Her circumstances were dire and all hope seemed lost,
She heard Jamie's voice and her rosary was tossed.
The black jet ornament roped her neck and rested on skin.
She cleared the hair from her eyes and her husband stepped in.

"She is no a witch for her flesh is still white.
Black jet tells true, is this no right?"
Jamie glared at the town and then with strife
Cut through the crowd toward his horse with his wife.

They escaped the town and Claire confessed all,
Telling Jamie stories that to him seemed so tall.
Because he loved her, he believed what she voiced
And brought her to the stones where she was faced with a choice.

After contemplating all, Claire found she couldn't go
For Jamie was her heart and she loved him so.
So with him she stayed and their souls became one,
It was just the two of them then and their lives had begun.